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  • Whether eating a leafy salad or a messy lasagne, the lunch bowl is the perfect solution. The overhanging wall, stops any food spilling over onto your lap or desk.
    • PP, copolyester, silicone and LDPE
    • Includes sauce pot, and fork
    • All materials are food safe and BPA free
    • Microwave safe (except the lid)
    • Dishwasher safe
    • L 19.5cm  W 19.5cm  H 8.5cm / L 7.7"  W 8.8"  H 3.4"
    • 1 L / 34 fl oz
  • Is the lunch bowl microwave safe?
    The lunch bowl is not microwave safe.

    Is the lunch bowl dishwasher safe?
    Yes, the lunch bowl, lid, sauce pot and fork are all dishwasher safe. 

    Is the lunch bowl BPA and BPS free?
    Yes, all parts of the lunch bowl are BPA and BPS free.

    How do I open the lunch bowl, if a vacuum forms?
    On the top of the lid, there is a vacuum release valve (this is the green silicon part which holds your fork). This should automatically release any vacuum, but if it doesn’t, simply give it a gentle pull to allow air in to release the vacuum.

    What happens if my lunch bowl leaks?
    Make sure the silicon ring on the lid is evenly spread, with no gaps. Also make sure you press down on all sides of the lid when closing the lid.

    How do I remove stains?
    If microwaving foods such as tomato sauce, it can leave a stubborn residue stain. This can be removed by applying bicarbonate of soda with a damp cloth to these stubborn stains.


This concept started with the idea of creating a lunch bowl that would be great to use with big leafy salads. Although this design may look simple, it was a real challenge to make because of the overhanging wall. But the end result is great to use.


The ergonomic shape makes it easy to hold in one hand, allowing you to use your fork with the other. With one side overhanging, there will be no more slippery cherry tomatoes escaping onto your table! The watertight lid and sauce pot ensures safe travelling, whilst the fork securely attaches to the lid when not in use.