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A non-slip protective silicone sleeve makes this bottle design super practical

Color: Olive


A 20 fl oz Borosilicate glass bottle with a protective non-slip sleeve, convenient carry loop and full glass and Stainless steel contact with water.
  • 100% leakproof
  • Thread on inside for smooth drinking
  • High quality Stainless steel lid
  • Paracord carry loop
  • BPA free


  • GR-WB-M003 (Orange), GR-WB-M004 (Burgundy), GR-WB-M005 (Ocean), GR-WB-M010 (Olive), GR-WB-M011 (Coral), GR-WB-M014 (Almond), GR-WB-M015 (Slate)
  • Glass, stainless steel, nylon, polypropylene and silicone.
  • W 2.56" H 9.25"
  • 20 fl oz
  • Weight: 0.75 lb
  • Freezer safe
  • Recyclable


Is the bottle dishwasher-safe?

We recommend all parts are handwashed only in order to avoid water being trapped under the sleeve or shortening the life of the nylon paracord which is not dishwasher-safe. For a thorough clean, it is possible to remove the sleeve from the Borosilicate glass body and then reassemble it. Both parts can be cleaned in the dishwasher with the exception of the almond wood fiber sleeve which is not dishwasher-safe.

How do I remove the silicone sleeve from my Glass Water Bottle?

Our ‘How To Video’ on Youtube shows you how to remove the silicone sleeve. Please note that the sleeve of the Almond version of the Glass Water bottle (GR-WB-M014) is not removable, due to the silicone containing wood fibers.

How do I clean the silicon seal inside the lid?

It is possible to remove the silicone seal on the top for a thorough clean. Use a non sharp cutlery knife to prize and lever the silicone out of the lid. Handwash the lid; the silicone seal can be cleaned in a dishwasher if desired.

Can the bottle be used for hot drinks?

Yes, the bottle can be used for hot drinks, but be cautious with all hot liquids. The outside sleeve will get hot to the touch and you should make sure the lid is securely screwed on if shaken whilst walking.

Is the bottle freezer-safe?

Yes the bottle is freezer-safe, but be careful not to overfill the bottle as water expands by roughly 9% when frozen so ensure there is plenty of room at the top. Allow contents to defrost before attempting to unscrew the top.

What is the almond sleeve made from?

The sleeve is made from a thermoplastic rubber and 30% sustainably sourced wood fiber.

Is the bottle BPA and BPS-free?

Yes, all parts of the bottle are BPA and BPS-free.

Can I use carbonated drinks in my bottle?

We do not recommend using carbonated drinks in our glass bottles as pressure could build up and lead the bottle to leak from the lid.

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thread is on the inside of the neck

The thread is on the inside of the bottle so the outer lip is smooth and gives a better drinking experience.

stainless steel lid

It is strong, hard wearing, taste-neutral, and it means that no plastic comes into contact with the water.

nylon paracord carry loop

Strong, hard wearing, water and mildew-resistant paracord make it easy to carry your bottle.

A word from the designer

There is something lovely about drinking water from glass. It makes the water taste fresh, crisp, and clean. We wanted to create a minimal glass bottle design that celebrates this. It was a challenge to hand blow a glass bottle with a thread on the inside, but working closely with the skilled artisan makers, we were able to achieve a spout design that was a pleasure to drink from. The stainless steel top and paracord loop give the design a utilitarian feel and the silicone sleeve provides a reassuring grip and protection to offset the fragility of the glass. The end result is a pure, no-nonsense design that will age well and can become your everyday bottle that you will enjoy using for a lifetime