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Dan Black's Design Blog: September 2016 - Black and Blum

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This month, Dan Black talks trade shows in Paris and London, the successful launch of the Lunch Box Book and custom designs for lunch boxes.

Hi everyone,

Dan Black here with my latest update on life at black+blum. We've just finished a hectic but super exciting trade fair season. Trade fairs are our chance to showcase new designs to the lovely stores that we sell to.

It's a great time for us to meet and greet the store owners / buyers and really explain all the cool and unique features about each design. We've been exhibiting in Paris and London and I'm pleased to say the new designs went down a storm at both shows.

As the designer of all our products, I always get nervous before the shows. I'm obviously passionate about all the designs we launch, so want people to like them. It's the best feeling in the world when people engage, resonate and say they like the new designs. It might sound corny, but I genuinely try and savour these compliments as they fire me up to work on the next design.

We launched four new designs at the shows, but unfortunately three of these are not available until next month so I can't divulge them just yet. But the one new design that is now available is our Lunch Box Book and this was definitely one of the star products at the shows.

I've had the idea of doing a lunch box that looked like a book mulling around my head for ages. Although it sounds simple and the end result looks minimal, it actually took some time to find the perfect interpretation. It needed to be functional, but also capture the utilitarian and classical feel of a traditional journal. Sometimes when you develop a concept, you get moments of inspired luck and this was the case with the lunch box book.

There is a natural link a traditional Japanese bento box and a retro notebook, as they both have a horizontal or vertical elastic strap. This connection gives the design an iconic look that is unique but also familiar when you see it for the first time.

box appetit, black and blum, lunch box book

This 'Novel' design (sorry, but too good a pun to miss), has so much potential for graphics on the front cover. Initially we're only offering them from our website in a plain format, but we're looking forward to experimenting with graphic versions next year.

But if you're looking for a unique corporate gift for this year, we've found a great printer who can apply custom graphics to this design (and most of our other Box Appetit range). Please see our custom designs

box appetit, black and blum, custom design, custom, logo

I look forward to checking in again next month, when I can tell you more about the new designs just about to launch and also a rather important anniversary that we have coming up...

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Dan Black
Dan Black