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Dan Black's Design Blog: April 2017

Hi everyone,

It's been two months since I last checked in and as always there’s been plenty going on.

Did you know our lunch boxes have been used by some of the most famous movie stars in the world? A few years back, I was lucky enough to be invited onto the film set of the Avenger’s Age of Ultron. All the major stars had their own trailers and they were all catered for by the super talented chef Mike Jonstone.

Mike’s business is called Natural Addictions and he has been providing a personal chef service for top movie stars since 2001. Mike loves our lunch boxes because they are so different to standard plastic food containers. The stars often eat in remote locations on set, so he isn’t able to use ceramic plates and bowls. Our lunch boxes are a great alternative that still presents his culinary creations beautifully. On the day I visited the set, I was lucky enough to have a very surreal chat with Chris Hemsworth (Thor) about the merits of our lunch box design and I left the set with signed posters by Thor and Captain America (Chris Evans) for my seven year old son.

Mike cooks a completely tailored meal for each star and uses only the best quality and freshest ingredients. Aside from making the most delicious and healthy meals, he is also a top bloke! He’s kindly shared with us some of his latest creations from the set of the major Hollywood block buster where he’s now working and you can see more of his cooking skills on his Instagram page.

Sadly I can’t reveal the film or the massive massive star whose eating from our lunch box, but a clue would be if I say the soundtrack goes a little like… Dun dun dada Dun dun dada Dun dun dada Dun dun dada Dun dun dada Dun dun dada doo de doo doo de doo doo de doo doo do

Back to the reality of the real world, but no less exciting, we’re thrilled our designs are now being sold in Germany by the uber selective and internationally recognised Bauhaus Museum design shop. For those who haven’t heard of Bauhaus, it was a German art school operational from 1919 to 1933. Its teachings have had a profound influence upon subsequent developments in art, architecture, graphic design, interior design, industrial design, and typography. They are stocking designs from our Box Appetit range, including our Eau Good filter bottle. As a product designer, it is always a great feeling when the products you make are recognised by Museum stores as prestigious and discerning as Bauhaus.

Bauhaus Design Store

Across the Atlantic, we have just launched an exclusive Grey colour of our iconic James the doorman for The Container Store. James was first launched in 2000 and it still continues to be one of our most popular and recognised designs.

James The Doorman Grey The Container Store

As always, we’re continuing to work on exciting new designs and we look forward to sharing these with you and checking in again soon.

Dan Black
Dan Black