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Choosing the right lunchbox for your lifestyle

Which lunch box should I choose?

The great thing about our range of design led, lunch boxes, bento boxes and food flasks, is that we have thought hard to create a solution for every lifestyle.

At Black+Blum, we believe that it’s not just children that should have fun lunch boxes and have been revolutionising lunchtimes since 2000. We have specifically designed our homeware range to ensure there is a lunch solution no matter what your lifestyle.

Box Appetit Range 

On the run

January always sees many of us trying to live a little healthier and shed the lbs gained during those deliciously festive Christmas excesses.  We believe enjoying everything in moderation is a great way to live, but this New Year sees many of the Black+Blum team hitting the gym with a little more motivation than we did in December!

Breakfast super shake 

Image from BBC Good Food

Keeping food cold for up to 8 hours, our Box Appetit Food Flasks are the perfect way to take a homemade smoothie or shake to work, via the gym.  Making yourself a healthy and filling smoothie, with a handful of oats, fresh or frozen berries a banana and milk of your preference is a great way of making sure you get the nutrients you need throughout the day, even when you’re fitting the gym and exercise into your already busy schedule.


Simple sarnie lovers

There is a lot to be said for the humble sandwich and with the explosion of different types of breads and wraps now available to try with your chosen filling, the traditional lunchtime sarnie is enjoying a renaissance.  From sourdough to sangak, brioche to bagel and all the slices in-between, there’s an abundance of choice if you like keeping it simple with a sarnie.  Our stainless steel sandwich box is the perfect home for your daily bread.   

the perfect loaf sprouted grain sourdough bread 

Image from ThePerfectLoaf.com


Uncompromising commuters

Just because you have to squash yourself onto that bus, train carriage or underground twice a day and face the bizarre mix of the banal and stressful that is the daily commute, doesn’t mean that your lunch has to follow the same dreary pattern.

We created our classic and revolutionary Box Appetit lunch box to help you make the most of lunchtimes.  The separate internal sections that enable you to microwave specific portions and clever sauce pot mean that you can whip up a different culinary feast, complete with jus, dipping sauce, dressing or dip - that stays vacuum packed and perfectly formed during the commute, even if you don’t!

Potato salad in Box Appetit lunch box by Flutter and Sparkle 

Image and potato salad idea from Flutterandsparkle.com

Our travel mug is another commuting essential. It’s sleek design will make the most hardened of commuters green with envy and it’s ergonomic design and elegant spin detail, means it’s not just cool to look at, it’s practical and functional too.


Little-but-often snackers

If you have the type of lifestyle that means your eating habits are to grab healthy bites often, then our Bento Box could be for you.  It’s separate compartments enable you to pack a few different individual portions into one box, but at half the size of our original lunch box, means it can be packed upright in your bag to grab on to go.

Ingredients for the Mexican Bento Box 

Image and inspiration for a Mexican themed Bento Box from AdrianasBestRecipes.com

Don’t let its compact looks deceive you though.  It’s small but perfectly formed and can hold more food than a standard airline meal!  


Out and about

There’s nothing more comforting when you’re working outside, or out and about on a cold day, than a hot drink, or a warming soup. For those with a job or hobby that sees them outside more often than not, or travelling a lot, then our range of thermos flasks are a good place to start.   

tomato and red pepper soup 

Delicious tomato and red pepper soup image and recipe from HouseandGarden

Our utilitarian design hides a multitude of contemporary function, that makes our thermos flasks and food pots a pleasure to use time and time again.  Keeping food and drinks hot for 8 hours, they are the perfect companion on chilly days out.

Dan Black
Dan Black