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Dan Black's May 2016 Blog: new products, design councils, guest bloggers and a French vegan restaurant | Black and Blum

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Hi all,

Dan Black here with my second monthly blog to tell you what we have been up to in May. Well, things don’t seem to be getting any less busy that's for sure...

We've had a very active month on the design side. We have two products launching next month, so it’s been all hands on deck making sure they are perfect.

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We don’t want to give too much away and spoil the surprise, but just to say they are both vacuum insulated - great for keeping things cool in the summer sun - and we’re happy to share some detail shots (above) which might give you a hint. They’re both stunning designs, so stay tuned...

It's been a manic month of meetings, as I've had the privilege of being invited to join both the advisory board of the Design Council - an amazing resource for design in the UK - and ACID Advisory Council (Anti Copying In Design). 

Since 1944, the Design Council have played a major part in championing and nurturing the UK's internationally-recognised design talent. This month, we discussed the value that design can bring to a business and how it will play a more important role in the future economy.

ACID has a massive impact in helping designers protect their rights and IP (intellectual property). Black+Blum has been a member for over 16 years and they have helped us many times to fight unscrupulous companies who have copied our products.

Here are some examples of attempts to copy our Loop candle holders.

loop maison, black and blum, copyright, copies

We've seen over ten different copies over the years and with ACID’s help, have been able to stop these copies being sold. We originate and bring new products to market, so can become susceptible to being copied.

We love to inspire and influence, we take copying very seriously. We will always protect our designs and this makes it easy to challenge companies if they attempt copies.

vegan gorilla, nice, france, vegan, restaurant

I am also proud to announce that we have partnered with Vegan Gorilla in Nice (France), a fantastic new vegan restaurant, to provide filtered water to their customers using with our Eau Carafe and Binchotan Charcoal. They only took over the premises 10 days ago and already have rave reviews.

Owners Camille and Willy (and their 2 children) are vegan and have always wanted to share their love for food and show that you can feast on vegetables. I wish them success in their ventures and look forward to sharing their unique story in greater detail soon... Please check them out on Instagram and Facebook!

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To round up our Digital Marketing Manager, Drew, has been busy creating community content and bringing exciting influencers on board from across the world. He's now set in motion many awesome collaborations with a host of lovely new guest bloggers. 

They'll each be producing delicious recipes, sharing lunch box inspirations and beautiful food photography, and sharing their fun and interesting experiences and stories - and will be featuring on our Box Appetit blog in the coming months. It's my pleasure to introduce you to them to you:

Laoise Casey from Dublin, Ireland

laoise casey, lunch box, box appetit

Laoise is a gifted and highly creative London-based professional chef with Irish heritage, lunch box guru and columnist for The Evening Standard who can be found blogging at Cuisine Genie. Read our interview with Laoise here.

Gaia Borzicchi from Genova, Italy

gaia borzicchi

Gaia is an exquisitely talented Mediterranean-based photographer and writer with a diverse portfolio that includes food, travel, weddings and more. She can be found blogging at Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

Christine Rosko from Chicago, USA

christine rosko

Christine is a sensational Stateside lifestyle writer who is also the founder and Editor-in-Chief of the amazing Lattes, Life and Luggage blog which covers food, books, travel and lots more.

That’s all for now (folks!), but I look forward to checking in again next month.

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Drew Middleton
Drew Middleton