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Dan Black's Design Update: April 2016 | Black+Blum

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Hi everyone,

Dan Black here, and welcome to the first of my monthly blogs!

I should start by saying I'm the co-founder and lead designer of Black+Blum. As a designer, I’m definitely better at sketching my thoughts than putting them in writing, so I’ll be sure to keep these monthly updates brief and as visual as possible!

Spring has sprung and aside from the odd flurry of snow, we are starting to get a hint of the summer ahead. We can’t wait…

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These blogs will give you a snapshot of life behind the doors of black+blum. I’ll be sharing news, behind the scenes insights and what we've been working on at our design studio in the Oxo Tower on London's iconic Southbank.

For starters, we have a new team member in Drew (our Digital Marketing Manager) who has been doing an awesome job writing articles for our Box Appetit blog; everything from Earth Day, ways to avoid sugar in your diet, and foods that help you live longer.

If you haven’t seen them, check them out now and stay tuned for some great ones we have coming up.

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To be inspired by the benefits of living a ‘lunch box lifestyle’ is an amazing feeling. If you have any suggestions for articles or people you’d like to see us work with, please let us know: drew(@)black-blum.com

Drew also has me trying out Facebook Live Video. In our most recent one, I guide you through the history of the Oxo Tower and how to find us next to the River Thames:

I’m really not accustomed to live broadcasting, so apologies if they look unrehearsed. I promise I’ll get better!

If you are passing the Oxo Tower though, please do drop by and I’d be delighted to show you our designs and what we’re up to.

It has also been a busy month for the design team. We’re currently working on over 15 really exciting new designs and this is definitely keeping our creative juices flowing.

We have two super cool new designs launching in June (there is a clue in the word ‘cool’) so keep your eyes peeled for a sneak preview of what they are in next month's blog...

box appetit, bento, bento box, monochrome, black, white, lunch box

We’ve also just taken stock of some super sleek limited edition monochromatic lunch boxes in black and white and these are getting a fantastic response. Shop here.

That’s all for now! I look forward to checking back in next month with you, 

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Dan Black
Dan Black