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Black+Blum: as seen on Film and TV | Black+Blum

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Did you know that Black+Blum's award-winning products and industry-defining designs have been featured in famous films and television series'?

From the bright lights of Hollywood to your TV set at home, we've had the incredible honour of fly-by screen time in everything from critically-acclaimed US drama Suits to Eastenders to Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron

In discrete fashion we've added unparalleled panache, appealing aesthetic and extraordinary unique composition to many a movie scene. The backdrops, sets and stages of your favourite go-to flicks and TV series binges are often overlooked; yet our designs have been sought after time and time again by production companies to rev up their incredible attention to detail. 

So without further ado, take a tour of Black+Blum and Box Appetit's on-screen credits...

suits, black blum, box appetit

Suits (US Drama Series)

The dog-eat-dog world of lawyers in New York City is forever heated in award-nominated TV drama, Suits. Even Mike Ross and Harvey Specter themselves need to cool down once in a while. So in blew our Propello Fan to do exactly that, and bring a refreshing breeze to that skyline office...

The Propello Desktop Fan was a Black+Blum Orginal design.

the undateables, black blum, box appetit, channel 4, documentary, tv

The Undateables (UK Documentary Series)

Channel 4's documentary charts the heart-warming journey of people who have disabilities or learning difficulties going on dates in the hope of finding love. Our very own Eau Good water bottle made an appearance during this lady's lucky date. 

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hector and the search for happiness, black blum, box appetit, lunch box, simon pegg, rosamund pike

Hector and the Search for Happiness (2014)

Simon Pegg jetted off on his travels around the world to find happiness. Little did he realise that happiness was staring him profusely in the face: a packed out lunch box, perfect for adventures and explorations.

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eastenders, black blum, box appetit, albert square, bbc

Eastenders (UK Soap Series)

The UK's favourite soap opera set in the East End of London (conveniently) follows the daily dramas of residents in Albert Square, with many a controversial storyline to fuel arguments, threats and even the odd murder mystery. 

In a more romantic moment however, the BBC soap's power couple - Kat Slater and Alfie Moon - share a home made Valentine's dinner on a tabletop perfectly lit with the help of our Loop Maison.

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avengers, age of ultron, marvel, black blum, box appetit, comics, superhero, team

Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)

Even The Avengers break for lunch while saving the world - and they were spotted off-duty with Box Appetit in their hero hands by The Daily Mail (click for images).

Technically we're not on-screen in the final cut, but the fact remains: Thor (Chris Hemsworth), Quicksilver (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) and Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) have all eaten mighty grub from our super lunch boxes!

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in your eyes, joss whedon, film, black blum, box appetit

In Your Eyes (2014)

We've appeared in another Joss Whedon-directed movie too; this time moving into the American Indie genre. Look at those juicy green apples being lovingly hugged and looked after by our steel-wired Fruit Loop bowl. What a beautiful sight, eh?

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grand depart, french, film, black blum, box appetit

Grand depart (2013)

It's not just billion-$$$-dollar big buck box office blockbusters we've tapped into. French comedy drama Grand depart had an epic lunch conversation scene with three Box Appetit boxes.  

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oblivion, tom cruise, black blum

You'll also find us in Bruce Willis' Die Hard 4.0 and Tom Cruise's Oblivion, yet these designs are slightly more well hidden... Go and hunt them down if you can!

All in all, we design remarkable products with YOU in mind - and we're not slowing any time soon, as our ranges and collections continue to expand for the better. But of course, we're extremely proud to be part of movie and television history.

Make sure you keep on the lookout for us the next time you switch on Netflix or head down to the local cinema. You may just see our trademark designs pop up in the background...

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Drew Middleton
Drew Middleton