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Celebrating Birthdays and Easter in the Black+Blum Office!

black and blum, birthday, cake

We here at Black+Blum love a birthday celebration - and Easter time!

Being a multicultural, hard-working and bloomin' awesome team has many perks, especially when it comes to cooking up something special or baking sweet treats for those treat-worthy occasions.

And when it's a member of the team's day of birth, when one of us grows a little older and a smidgen wiser, we party (and EAT!) in epic fashion...

Over the past couple of weeks we've wished both James (our Head of Sales) and Gladys (Account Manager for France) a very happy birthday. In atypical style, we rolled out the big buns and baked spectacular cakes worthy of the Gods. 

We were seriously impressed with James' chocolate cake with chocolate-drizzled profiteroles and strawberries, created by our very own Gladys, who was equally wowed by her creamy citrus-loaded birthday pavlova baked by Angelica (Black+Blum's Office Manager). They tasted extraordinary!

Indeed, we had to plant that huge firework candle to add extra to the occasion. Hypnotic, no? So once again, Happy Birthday James and Gladys!

But in the midst of everything, we couldn't forget it was Easter! Now we're all about the healthy eating 'lunch box lifestyle' - as you may have guessed with our Box Appetit range which now has its own new website, www.boxappetit.com - but when certain calendrical events come by, who are we to avoid traditions...

black and blum, easter, eggs, chocolate

Of course we wolfed down every single chocolate Easter egg, all over the office space - and yes, there were a few messy faces following the chocolatey aftermath!

And after all the tasty commotion, we're still hard at work designing the best market-leading products we can offer you. With our Box Appetit collection set to expand later this year and some new Loop Maison designs in the pipeline, we're passionate about our products and can't wait to share them with you all.

Put simply - watch our space!


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Drew Middleton
Drew Middleton